Beach Holiday Essentials

Since I'm from a small island in Spain, I sometimes forget that Gran Canaria is actually a holiday destination in Europe! I now spend my summers here as if I were on holiday (kind of). So I thought I'd do a post on beach holiday essentials, as suggested by my friends from Adore Me.

Summer is my favourite season of the year, even though some complain it's too warm, I still prefer it rather than being in a cold place in January (ironic considering I now live in London). It's the time of year where you take a holiday to a beach-y place, like Greece. So of course you have to prepare early!

I always end up buying more swimwear every year to the point where my closet is actually filled with one piece suits and bikins now. But it's better to stay organised before you're going on vacation right?

First things first, sunscreen. Make sure to keep yourself protected! I know I get tan way too easily, which is why I use Shisedo's SPF 50 sunscreen - it's travel size which means you can carry it in your hand luggage. Along with sunscreen I love carrying around Victoria Secret's Fragrance mist to keep myself fresh (the nice smell is a bonus!). It helps when you feel hot & sticky.

Along with those, I always carry my sunglasses and a cap to shield myself from the sun. I can't live without my shades, I have so many I end up wearing a different one per day. Plus, they help when you're taking selfies at the beach as well!

Shades - Quay

Every year I end up buying a new bikini, thinking I don't have enough. This year I decided to change it up and get a one piece instead! I have been loving one piece swimsuits recently, especially since you can pair them with shorts and sandals and you have a whole outfit on the go! 

Last but not least, make sure to always have a cocktail in your hand, or a mocktail, whatever tickles you fancy. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do you have any other holiday essentials? Let me know in the comments below! 

Much love,

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  1. Heyy really nice bikini i must say . a netted one ... especially in this summer rock the beaches ... now days you can buy lingerie from online stores too