Hello everyone! How are you doing?

Ever since I moved to London one of my goals has been to find cute little cafés and restaurant spots. The best part about living in a big city is that there are so many places to eat and so many options, although sometimes I want to eat out everyday but sadly my bank account won't allow it.

Last Sunday, I was out working with my classmates for a group project we're doing for Uni this term and stumbled upon The Wildflower Café in Notting Hill (thanks to Annie). Ironically, I was craving some brunch that morning because it was such a gorgeous day!

Even before entering you can see how cute it is. Though the inside is small, it's very cosy and the atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable. 

There were only a few options for the Brunch menu but I went for The Goodness Breakfast as seen in the picture. It was quite heavenly if I do say so myself. Their juices looked delicious as well even though I didn't have one. There were some cakes on display too which were calling my name though I decided to lay off desserts.

Overall I will definitely return here and show this place to my friends! I'd say it's a cute little spot whether you come here for brunch or have some cake and a tea. You could also come here for a date night as their dinner menu looked quite delicious.

You can find them at or follow them on twitter @wildflowerw2.

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  1. That seems like such a pretty place. I bet it was calming! I've been wanting to go there and I live very close but I haven't got the time.

    I've got a new post up! Please leave a comment on it too x | Soooomsies

    I've followed you on GFC! x

    1. It is! I'm sure you'd love it :) Sure thing, I'll follow back xx

  2. I think I know where I am going as soon as I finish finals!! The food looks delicious! x

  3. Looks like such a cute place :)

  4. What a beautiful little cafe! :D

  5. Want to follow each other via GFC, Google plus and facebook??