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Hello everyone! How are you doing?

As you know, I love jewellery. I have so many accessories but I can't get enough. I was therefore excited to receive a sample from The Body Jewellery Shop to review! Just to let you know, they have all kinds of cute piercings on their website - from nose rings to navel piercings. There's such a variety to choose from, plus their jewellery is of good quality and quite affordable.

One of the samples I chose from The Body Jewellery Shop was a gold smooth segment ring. I actually wanted a gold earring for a long time because most of my ear piercings are silver. It perfectly matches most of my outfits and it's simple and classy, allowing me to wear it all the time! It's good quality as my ear's don't turn black when I wear them (which has previously happened with jewellery I wore too much). Also they're easy to wear, you just clip them on.

If you don't like simple designs, they have many patterned designs such as these cute stud earrings:

Also, if you get a thin band you can even wear it as a nose piercing or a septum ring. I actually have 4  piercings in total so this store is very useful in terms of variety. The good thing is they have categories of different jewellery materials so you can search in terms of what you're looking for.

 I would definitely invest in piercings from this store after using them for a bit. Go check out their website at The Body Jewellery Shop, they have a huge selection of jewellery I'm sure you'll like!

Lots of love

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  1. Think I'm going to have to check this out, there's nothing that I love more than jewellery and I've been on the hunt for some studs for ages! Looks really cool x