My top 5 red lipsticks

Hello loves! How are you all doing? 

I've recently been very obsessed with lipstick and find myself wearing more every week. The first lipstick I ever invested in was a red lipstick, and I can't say I regret it. I feel like I only look good in red lipstick to be honest, but I try to save it for special occasions too sometimes! I've tried so many brands that I decided to share with you my favourite ones.

1. Ruby woo by Mac

This is the first shade of lipstick I ever bought for myself and I absolutely love it. It's matte and automatically makes your face glow. The best part is that Mac's matte lipsticks last ages, no lie. Mac's lipstick quality is incredible admittedly. 

2. Morange by Mac

Although this shade is more orangish-red, it's still a brilliant shade to wear with a casual outfit, or when you're dressing up. This is also a perfect summer shade.

3. Còlere by Guerlain

I'd heard about Guerlain's lipstick quality being really good, and since I got a discount on the price I decided to give this shade a go. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and it's matte like the first shade. However, I was kinda disappointed in the sense that it doesn't stay on for too long. I wore it on New Year's Eve and had to reapply after eating and drinking. But, I still love the colour and it makes my lips feel less chapped. 

4. Glossip girl by By The Face Make Up

If you're looking for a smooth, velvet shade, then this is probably it. The texture of this lip gloss is unlike my other lipsticks and gives your lips a pouty look. It's definitely good when styling it with a little black dress. However I found that the lip gloss spread all over my lips when I had dinner, as in it spread outside my lips (how embarrassing!) 

5. S502 by Lóreal 

I got this as a gift on my 16th birthday from my best friends, since I had been asking for a red lipstick. This shade is the one that got me into buying more red lipsticks (I can't help it, it's an addiction).

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do you have any favourite shade of red? If so, let me know in the comments below! 

Much love,

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  1. I absolutely love MACs ruby woo x

  2. I haven't got any of these, but I do like dark red colours because my skin tone is very pale and I think that light colours tend to flush me out, bright colours tend to make me look like a over-saturated instagram photo ahaha and dark colours just contrast nicely. <3

    Little Moon Elephant

  3. I adooore Ruby Woo, it's one of the best reds I've ever seen, so wearable! Love Loreal's too, great picks!


  4. I love ruby woo it's so amazing...

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  5. The last one is my absolute favourite!

  6. I love those colors. RUBY WOO is my all time favorite lipstick to buy over and over.

    love always,

  7. I love all of them!! I have just found your blog and I like it! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know and I will be back here!