Summer haul

Hello everybody! How are ya'll doing?

I recently went to the mall just to take a peek, and then went back this week on the same day sales started in Spain! There weren't many things I found, especially since the clothes were all over the place (sales tend to make people go insane, like, calm down people it's not the hunger games - kind of). Regardless, I managed to find a few things, some not for sale, and decided to show you guys. I hope you like them!

White lace romper from Zara

I'm not a huge fan of rompers or playsuits, the ones I've tried up until now never really complimented my figure well. I didn't like the way my legs looked so I never really bothered to look out for rompers. But I saw this one in Zara and it looked gorgeous, especially since it's a little bit backless (I have a thing for everything backless now). I decided to try it on and was surprised to find it looked amazing! My mum loved it too.

Neon knit sweater from Zara

I had been lusting after this sweater since I first saw it in May! But I didn't buy it because I knew I'd find it for a much better price in the sales. Thank god I did, I thought it would have been gone by the time I'd arrive. I'm trying not to buy too many summer style clothes because I'm going to London in 2 months and I won't be able to use them over there. Hence this sweater. I might also go and buy it in pink too, it's not bad for 15€ (previously 25,99€).

Nail polishes

I love nail polishes, I have way too many for my own good. I won't lie and tell you these are from some spanish brand or something, I actually bought them from a Chinese shop (sue me). But the colours are perfect for summer - pastel and neon. The quality is acceptable and they're only for 1€.

Nail polish by Essence and Lip gloss by BYTHEFACE

I love essence nail polishes, they're mostly at 1.99€ and are of good quality. The lip gloss is red, and has a satin touch to it - and if you know me, you know I love my fair share of red lipstick. I haven't heard of this brand before but it's apparently spanish (hence the amusing name when translated in spanish).

Cromia purse

I wish I could afford a MK purse, but someday I will. I saw this treasure at my dad's shop so naturally I had to get it. I share this with my mum (I'm such a great daughter) and it's a great purse, it's huge on the inside and has many pockets for phones, cards etc. This is probably my first huge purse as I usually cary small bags.

That's all of my findings! Have you been doing any shopping recently?

Much love,

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  1. came across your blog from zoella's and though i would check it out

    omg your blog is amazing :) i love the design will defo keep reading

    i have just uploaded a new post if you wouldn't mind commenting what you think

    thank you have a nice day

    1. aw thank you so much!! :)
      i'll definitely check your blog out!
      much love xx

  2. love the bag! :) great post xx
    hope you have a good day :)


    1. thank you! hope you have a great day as well :) xx

  3. Great haul, I really like the bag for summer :) x

  4. Great post,dear!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Antonella <3

  5. wonderful haul <3

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    1. Thank you lovely!
      I followed you on bloglovin and google :)
      Much love.