Graduation Pt. 2

Hello everybody! This post is a continuation of my last post on graduation (if you haven't seen that yet click here). 

Moving on, I can now tell you all about the actual ceremony that took place. So the ceremony was held in a hall in a hotel. We were all seated in rows, with the graduates in front of course. We were given our yearbooks and a small statue. However, the typical graduation cape was missing which was kind of disappointing but it didn't really matter.

I was elected to give a speech in English, whereas one of my classmates was elected to give a speech in spanish. It was kind of nerve-wracking as public speaking can be terrifying. But I think it went well. Here's part of my speech:

For so many years we've been sheltered in the school hallways, staying in our comfort zone, growing accustomed to what is simple and familiar to us. We've grown strong bonds with exceptional people and made unforgettable memories.  So it is no surprise that all of a sudden we are faced with an ultimatum. Goodbyes aren't really my forte. They're not something we look forward to. But endings are inevitable. The end of a year, the end of a book, the end of a summer. We know no longer need to rely on the safety of our peers, our teachers or our parents. 

But just because one part of our life is ending doesn't mean it's all over. This day, and this moment won't be forgotten. It's time for us to move on, and explore dangerous territory. Experiment. Take risks. Like our time in school, what makes life valuable is not that it lasts forever, what makes it precious is the fact that it ends.

After this day, change is inevitable. Life will put us through unexpected situations. There will be no blanket to protect us when times get tough. But that's what will help us shape us as the person we were meant to be. As a famous quote I once heard, “We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay. You’ve got to remember the people that you used to be.”

(Brownie points for anyone who knows where that quote is from)

After the initial ceremony, there we went outside in the patio for cocktails and snacks while we waited for the dinner hall to be ready. Meanwhile, during dinner, there were some special awards handed out to our classmates and teachers. I was chosen as the biggest fangirl - that's it, I need this to be an official job so I can get paid already. 

Honestly, graduation was amazing. So much better than expected. The after party was amazing but the first part, celebrating with my classmates and family, was comforting. Everyone was so well dressed up and we all shared a few laughs and tears. I didn't think I would say this but I will miss these people, and probably school (but not the homework or exams of course). I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy summer everyone!

Much love, 


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