Graduation Pt. 1

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

It's been waaaay too long. However, between writer's block, studying for A levels and preparing for Graduation I couldn't blog. But I plan on getting back on track this summer, especially since I'll probably be forced.

First of all, it's finally summer! Cue the Paradise song. What better way than to start blogging than Graduation? This post will be divided into two or three, so be on the watch out for those too.

I want to start of with the evening of the ceremony, specifically my outfit choices. I live in Spain but study in a British school, however we don't have any capes for some reason which is a bit disappointing. But overall, Graduation was amazing.

I had already started thinking about my outfit 2 months prior to the event. I bought online from a website called JJsHouse which, by the way I would 100% recommend. I was skeptical because normally I wouldn't buy such an important dress online because of fitting and quality. But this place delivered well. The dress came within a week! Likewise, the fitting was perfect, I just had to shorten it which is no big deal. The good thing is they do custom sizes too. So, if anyone's looking for decent dresses for any event, I would recommend this website.

I combined my dress with silver platform shoes which you can just make out in the first picture, and a silver clutch both bought from a local boutique. As part of the jewelry, my mum lent me her gorgeous ring and bracelets, while the earrings are from Pimkie.

My mum: "Ugh enough pictures already."
There will be more on the next post about the ceremony and the night.

Much love,

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