Look at the stars, look how they shine for you..

It's that time of the year. Summer is right around the corner. You can feel the stress and tension radiating off everybody. Exams are close, projects need to be due in and everyone just wants the holidays now, including me.

My last day of school was 2 weeks ago. It was the last day of classes, the last day of being a sixth former, and the last day of actual school. Despite the fact that I have to go into school on the days I have my A Level exams, I'm pretty much done.

As a tradition started last year, we hand painted the walls of our common room (where all the sixth formers get to hang out) as a memory.

It's bittersweet really. I never expected these past years to go by as fast as everyone says they do. I
remember just yesterday being in year 7: small, naive and afraid of what was to be expected in secondary school. The first few years of secondary were about getting to know myself better and making friends. Then came year 11, the time I started getting "serious" about my future. The time where we had to take GCSE's seriously - although none of us did and managed to pass. How? I ask myself that all the time.

The last three years of school have been really really crazy. I discovered who my true friends were, got to travel more than I'd dreamed of, become close with some of my classmates and also found more TV shows to watch (thanks Tumblr).

Here's some of us in December..

When I think of September 2013, I remember being tired and wanting school to end already. I remember the fear of rejection from Universities, the hard work I had to put into school, and how June was so far away. And here I am now, in May, studying for my exams (or procrastinating, same thing) and preparing for graduation. Fast forward a few months later I'll finally be in London. The thought of moving to another country, alone, to start University is exhilarating.

To say a lot has changed is an understatement. A lot of people in our class are closer, while others are further away. Although there were no tears on the last day of school, I'm pretty sure Graduation will be a rollercoaster ride. I can't believe the first part of my life is coming to an end, but I can't wait to go out to the real world.

In other news. I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I'm going to try and get a few posts in a few days time hopefully. I've been very busy with exams. I hope you enjoyed this post! It was a bit more personal and nostalgic than usual. I've already bought my graduation dress and am excited to share with you all!

How is everyone else doing? Are you all excited about summer?

Much love,


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