Birthday Haul

Hello everybody! How are you doing?

So this post is kind of late. Scratch that it's too late. However, I was waiting for all my birthday presents to appear before I could show you what I had got. Some posts were tied in the mail so I had to wait a while!

Firstly, I finally got the Marc Jacobs mini 'Classic Q Natasha' purse which I really wanted, as you will have probably noticed from my christmas wishlist, from my lovely dad, along with a Rebeca Mink-off mini tote which is also gorgeous. I got these a tad bit late as they weren't available in Spain (damn you Spain) but they're finally in my hands! You'll probably be seeing both of these a lot over the next few months since I'll probably be obsessed with them.

Moreover, I received a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates from some of my friends. One of the best chocolates ever. I still have some left over but everyone at home has been eating them, I mean, how could you not? And my best friends gave me a necklace from Stradivarius along with a 30€ gift card which was very handy in the sales.

Finally, I got money from most of my relatives and then I received a Ralph Lauren perfume set from my cousins, aunt and uncle. I'm not really a big fan of perfumes but it smelled decent, although I have yet to open it since there is only one perfume I've been using for the past 5 years and it still hasn't run out.

And that was a mini update. I've been busy with uni stuff as I'm waiting for some to reply and might be called for interviews in others which I'm nervous and excited about! My family from America is over this week so there'll probably be another blog post about that soon.

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Much love,


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