Day 6: Favourite books & shows

Hello everyone! It's halfway through blogmas already, which means 11 days until Christmas. Yay!! I decided to dedicate this post on two of my guilty pleasures: reading and watching TV shows.

The thing about books is, I either read too much or not at all and there's no in between. But I love reading. It's like your own imaginary world and you can get engrossed in it so easily. Therefore I am going to recommend you some of my all time favourite books that you definitely should read.

Firstly, if you haven't read the Percy Jackson series then you're seriously missing out. They are one of the greatest books of all time. I discovered this series after watching it's first movie (and starting crushing on Logan Lerman but who's asking) and fell in love. Rick Riordan is genius.

The Divergent trilogy by Veronica Ruth is also pretty amazing and so is The Maze Runner trilogy. I can't wait for both films, 2014 will be pretty good in the film department. Allegiant broke my heart, and I won't give away any spoilers but why?! If any of you have read it tell me what you thought of it.

Speaking of trilogies, did anyone watch Catching Fire? Wasn't it pretty amazing? Francis Lawrence did the book justice tbh.

And of course, John Green's books are so popular that if you still haven't gotten around reading them then what are you waiting for?! I've read TFIOS, Looking For Alaska and just last week Paper Towns. I should really get to reading the rest of the books but effort.

On the other hand, I watch so many TV shows it's unreal. I'll just give you the list of some of my favourites:

  • Doctor Who (the 50th anniversary was ah-mazing!)
  • Castle
  • The Carrie Diaries
  • How I Met Your Mother (can't wait until Ted meets the mother this season)
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Plain Jane
And I've lost count of some other shows I watch. There are plenty of other shows I need to get around watching but I just can't be bothered for some reason, but I promise I will.

So this was a fairly short post but you should comment down below and tell some of your favourite books and series :)

Much love,


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