Day 1: My Christmas List

It's December already which means only a few more days until Christmas! I'm so excited. Even though Christmas isn't such a big thing among my family since we celebrate Diwali in November, which is like Christmas for Indians. Regardless, whenever this time of year slowly draws in, I always forget what I want.. so I end up getting money which isn't so bad. I opened up my advent calendar yesterday and devoured the chocolate, I look forward to it everyday!

Therefore I'm doing Blogmas instead of the famous "Vlogmas" on YouTube as some of you may know, where I'll post every 2 days about something different - you'll find out - and today it's my Christmas wish list! Or a list compiled of last minute things I remember that I want but can't have.

1. A new purse

I've been carrying around all my other totes for so long that they're old and battered. I'm looking for a beige/brownish bag that could be casual but formal at the same time. I'd LOVE to own a MK purse. Ever since I saw a brown one in the MK outlet in Florida I've been wanting one (I couldn't find the exact one online sadly). Plus, if anyone can afford a black Céline purse for me I'd love you forever.

However, since I want a small purse, I am DYING to get the Classic Q Natasha crossbody flap bag from Marc by Marc Jacbos which is so gorgeous I might cry. I wouldn't mind getting this either for Christmas or my 18th birthday next month.

2. Neon Nike Frees

This has been in since last summer and I've always wanted them. The colours are just so gorgeous plus they're great to run in. I use Asics to run in but I feel like neon Nikes would complete me. Especially if they were coral, blue or even purple.

3. Quest Protein Bar

For people in the fitness world, this is like god. These protein bars are so tasty that you don't feel like you're having such nutrient dense heavenly goodness. These protein bars are low in carb, high in protein and gluten free! There are so many flavours such as double chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake, cinammon roll.. you're not actually cheating on your diet. Plus, they taste really good. You wouldn't think they're not fattening. I would absolutely recommend these, even if you're not committing to a healthy lifestyle, these bars are great as snacks! I recently tried the cinammon roll protein bar and oh did I die. I would love to try the double chocolate chip or the chocolate brownie one next.. delicious.

4. Jacqueline Tank, Brandy Melville

This is my current favourite store after Forever 21. The first time I went this summer in Canada, I didn't shop enough. Plus the store was too crowded. I absolutely love this tank and would love to have it in black, maroon or any other colours/patterns. I'd love to buy other garments from Brandy too.

5. OCC Lip Tar Stained Gloss

I'm not a huge make up fan but a little lip gloss never hurt anybody. This would be perfect for dinner or any outing since I'm not going over the top. I'd love to have all of them, but preferrably the psychedelic orange gel or the orange shellac.

And that's basically all I can think of. This list could also account to my 18th birthday wish list which is in a month and a half! I hope everyone is having a great day and if not, there's only 23 days until Christmas :)

Much love,


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