Day 3: 2013 memories

Hey guys! As you all now the year is coming to an end now, only 26 days to go for 2014 which is unbelievable. I remember just yesterday it being 2012 when I was finishing my GCSE's.. unreal right?
So I'm dedicating this blog post to my favourite memories from this year and reminiscing the good times.

I'll start chronologically, with the first memory being my 17th birthday! I think I enjoyed a lot because of the amount of cake I had, yum... and the gifts of course, but mostly the cake. I think I had 5 birthday cakes and my soul was delighted.

The best part was that as a gift from my mum, the following week we went to America for my cousin's Sweet 16! 10 days in New Jersey, I couldn't have asked for more. I spent a lot of time with my family (they're from my mother's side btw), and bonded with my cousin all over again. Of course I went shopping and made the most of Starbucks! The best part was that it snowed the weekend we arrived! Plus, we went to NYC twice. It was brilliant. 

Me and my cousins went to Madame Tussauds the first day in NYC and had an epic time, especially making funny poses with statues of course. We had Applebee's which was yummy, as always. For dessert: chocolate lava cake and all i can say is HEAVEN. Oh my god was it good. We later walked through the city towards Central Park and came back to Times Square and at the end of the day went back to New Jersey with a hot chocolate from Starbucks. The second time, I went to NYC with my whole family, which included 14 of us squeezed in a limo. Needless to say we were all really hyper. 

I caption this: "Calm yo tits, nigga."

It was hard resisting the cake for a picture tbh.

This is an accurate description of my family.  

Surprisingly, I ended up visiting my cousins again in June but this time we were going to Florida. I thought for sure I wasn't gonna see them again! I think this was my favourite trip of the year, Disneyland with my cousins was the best idea ever. 

One of the best parts?! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I was so excited I was finally gonna visit it! I spent most of the time with my cousin, Priya. We're so alike and different it's unreal. But I had loads of fun with the rest of my cousins too, it was pretty hilarious. 

Me and my cousin Priya, this was our second flawless shot.

Hogsmeade!! And for those of you wondering, Butterbeer was really good. I had the frozen one and loved it! It was thick and buttery and perfect. Oh, and the chocolate frogs were to die for!

Universal Studios was the best theme park hands down due to it's rollercoasters. Magic Kingdom was alright too, so was Hollywood Studios. It was my first time going on the Tower of Terror and the Rock 'N' Rollercoaster and they were epic. The only downturn to the trip was how much it rained. It was so annoying since we got soaked in the parks, but well that's Florida for you. Plus, apparently the Jonas Brothers were performing while I was there and I didn't know 'til the day it happened so that kinda pissed me off?! But all's well.

Fast forward to August and it was time for my trip to Canada, which was also a great adventure. What I love about going on vacation is the abundance of food I eat, I generally don't care how much I eat. Now, I'm usually health conscious because I don't like to gain weight and blablabla but on vacation I don't think twice.

I made a blog post about my trip to Canada so there's not much to say, but Vancouver is a gorgeous city and I'd love to visit again or even live there. Highly recommended if anyone wants to visit.

I've noticed most of my favourite memories were on vacation.. you could say I travel a lot. I had some good times at home too but nothing compared to my holidays. 

I'd love to hear about your favourite memories! :) 

Much love,


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